Synthetic Turf Sales

Synthetic turf is able to last to several years, meaning that in the time you’ll have to deal with no mowing, little maintenance, and your water bill will significantly go down. Ideal for your home, playground, landscaping, or commercial area, we guarantee that you’ll love our wide variety of turf options. Call our team today to learn about the many choices we can provide your residential or commercial landscaping. For the best synthetic turf in Northern California and any surrounding areas, look no further than Beyond Grass! Beyond Grass can provide you with all the materials needed for installing synthetic turf. Contractor pricing is available. 

Installations of Synthetic Turf

Always prompt and quick, our team is able to install any synthetic turf sooner than you thought possible. With years of experience, our professional team knows exactly how to lay out the turf during installation so that any seams are discreet and unnoticeable. No matter the size of your installation project, or the technicality that may arise, we are here to provide you with the solutions you need. Call today to learn more about our entire process, and then book an appointment!